Family-Owned Business

We live with and love on our dogs every day and night. They are working members of our family and repay us continuously with a dedication that cannot be described in words. It is out of this love that FireBrand K-NINE was born! We have been touched by the selfless nature, strength, and intelligence of these working breeds and seek to improve the breed standards and expand the reach of the k-9 community into more loving homes and families.


FireBrand is owned by Bethany Ponce. From an early age, Bethany dedicated her life to animals and started a decades-long career in veterinary medicine, focusing mainly on emergency and critical care. She is an experienced dog obedience trainer and works closely with protection and detection trainers in the police and military working dog community to attain a valuable understanding of the elements that make these elite dog special. She is adept in assessment and foundation techniques to make these working breeds grow to their full potential and actively seeks working dogs that meet a high standard and quality of ethic and drive. Every dog that works with FireBrand is health and workability guaranteed and are backed by a complete and unwavering satisfaction guarantee. Contact us today for information on booking a working dog for your event or business and experience the quality and value of a highly-trained detection K-9 yourself.


We believe that it takes two healthy and well- balanced dogs to make happy and healthy puppies and that's why we stringently vet any dam or sire before it is considered as an acceptable breeder. We take personal responsibility for the quality of our puppies and offer extensive health guarantees to protect prospective owners and the clarity of our future breeding program.