K9 Detection Service and Working Dog Breeder Info

Frequently asked questions

When will puppies be available?

Because we strive to maintain a very high quality breeding program with healthy and well-balanced dogs, we do not continuously have puppies for sale. We breed each bitch a minimum number of times to ensure that her physical and mental health are not negatively affected by continous pregnancy and welping. If we do have a litter, puppies will be available at the age of 14 weeks.

Why are the puppies only available after 14 weeks?

We take our breeding program very seriously! Each puppy is a representation of the kind of working dog we are creating: a focused, hard-working, well-balanced, and driven member of a family. Puppies do not fully develop socially until around the age of 3 months and we strive to ensure that each dog is paired properly with a family based on temperament and potential. By extending the time with the litter, we are able to more fully control the exposures and imprinting factors that affect fear and aversion and accurately identify the pup's best course of training and working potential going forward. Additionally, we want to make sure that all our puppies are sold after their entire vaccination courses for distemper, parvo, adenovirus, parainfluenza, and bordetella (kennel cough) as well as being dewormed for hookworm, whipworm, and roundworm. This gives us the most control of the overall health of our puppies.

Are there any guarantees included with each puppy?

We offer health and workability guarantees for each puppy that we sell. This includes: 1. 24-hour full health guarantee 2. 12-month hip and elbow guarantee 3. 12-month congenital health guarantee All guarantees are contingent on the buyer providing a written report from a veterinarian stating the health issue that represents the violation and result in an equal value exchange for a new puppy within a reasonable time frame.

What is included in the welping process at FireBrand?

All puppies are kept indoors and left with their mother for a gradual and stress-free weaning process between 7 and 8 weeks. They are socialized with cats, children, and visitors and have access to a large fenced outdoor play area and yard. Each puppy is collar-friendly, leash trained and is exposed to basic obedience, focus development, and drive assessments and games. They are fed a high-quality, grain-free puppy diet. We take this developmental phase of our breeding program very seriously and believe that this is the best way to create the highest quality, designer working dogs that exhibit consistent workability and companionship.

Who can hire a detection dog?

Any person, business, venue, or event can hire a detection dog and benefit from discreet control of explosives, guns, and narcotics. Our dogs are privately owned and can do anything from search a teenager's bedroom or car for paraphernalia to check luggage on cruise ships to patrol the event grounds at a festival. These dogs are amazing and focused workers and every penny your spend on a K9/Handler team is well spent.

How can I get my K9 on the working roster for FireBrand?

FireBrand accepts all trained and quality tested detection dogs for work. If your K-9 has completed an official training program and has passed their explosives, gun, or narcotics detection course, they can apply for a position with us here by going to the Detection Services page and following the link for working dog owners.

How much does it cost to hire a detection dog?

The broad answer is difficult and is based greatly on the type of detection, length of service, and expectation of involvement by the working dog and team. However, it is quite affordable considering the skill, time, and money it takes to train and work one of these K-9s effectively. If you are interested in hiring a detection dog, please fill out the quick form on the Detection Services page and we will get you a pricing and package sheet right away! Individual and personalized plans and packages are available.